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Need A Commercial Gate For Your Parking Lot? Features To Consider For Your Investment

If you have problems at your commercial property and business location with people driving around or committing crimes, you want to gate off the parking lot. You can easily and affordably get a gate that locks, and that some great security and safety features as well. Look for a gate with these characteristics.

Metal Gates are Reliable

A metal gate is a reliable option. When pricing out options as for a metal gate that meets the following criteria and expectations:

  • Light or medium weight steel that is easy lifted and moved
  • Weather resistant steel that can be powder coated
  • Impact resistant
  • Comes with a warranty

You want a steel gate that isn't going to get dented or damaged easily, and that will last through weathering conditions and time.

No Drive Through Traffic

The gates will prevent drive through traffic throughout the day. You won't have to worry about strangers getting into the parking lot, which can reduce the amount of theft and crime or worries. If you have more than one entrance, be sure to put the gates at every parking lot entrance.

Lock the Area

It will be more difficult for people to look like they belong in the area or to park there like they are an employee when the gates are locked. There are different locking options for the gate if you want something more secure than a padlock. A padlock and chain can be removed with metal cutters, so consider a keypad gate lock instead.

Add Wireless Controls

If you get a digital control box for the lock it may have wireless capabilities. This means that you would be able to utilize the following:

  • Unlock while you are away
  • Get notifications if it's unlocked or damaged without authorization
  • Possibly speak with people through a speaker

The type of lock box and monitoring system you choose at the closing area or on the gate is up to you and your budget.

This is an investment that helps protect your business and improves safety around the property. Get estimates from more than one commercial gate provider. You should also let your business insurance company know that you have taken extra measures to make the property more secure, which may be able to get you a lowered monthly rate. This gate will give you the peace of mind that you need when you are away from the property at night.

To learn more about your commercial security options, contact a gate and accessories company such as Incom Inc.