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Typical Cooling Tower Parts That Have To Be Replaced

Tasked with keeping equipment pieces cool without distributing a lot of heat and particles into the environment, cooling towers can be found in a lot of settings and applicatory uses. Here is a look at some of the cooling tower parts that may have to be eventually replaced. 

Vibration Switches 

Vibration switches sense unreasonable amounts of vibration within the cooling tower and then automatically disrupt power when there is a problem. The unusual vibrations can stem from a lot of internal problems, such as:

  • Broken or damaged fan blades 
  • Motor failure 
  • Broken fan belts 

Since these witches are always on and always working, they can eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Vibration switches should be adequately tested for functionality periodically and replaced as needed. 

Cooling Tower Motors 

A cooling tower motor can indeed fail in spite of the fact that these units are typically designed to function for a long period of time without problems. Of course, replacing a motor is one of the most costly cooling tower parts to replace. 

Fill Media 

Fill media in a cooling tower is usually some form of fluted cardboard-like material that is designed to capture particles as they pass through. While not the most functional component in a cooling tower, the fill media does still have a role to play. And, the media may have to be replaced on occasion. 

Cooling Tower Fans and Fan Belts 

The cooling tower you have in use can potentially have a number of fan systems in action at any given moment. While designed to be durable and long-lived, occasionally, fans can break down. Typically, when a cooling tower fan stops working, it will be the belt that has caused the problem. For example, a belt may have lost tension due to the general breakdown of the rubberized materials. This lack of tension will prevent the fan blades from turning even if the rotating spindles are moving as they should. 

Drift Eliminators and Baffles 

The drift eliminators stop drifting particles from entering the air around the cooling tower. While most drift eliminators can be pressure washed to clean out debris and then put back in service, this repeated process can lead to degradation. Baffles are essentially serving the same purpose, but they have a different composition. Over time, baffles can also start to break down due to exposure, so they may occasionally need to be checked and then replaced. Keep in mind that drift eliminators serve a valuable purpose and your cooling tower may have multiple units that need to be serviced. 

To learn more, reach out to a local cooling tower parts supplier.