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The Manufacturing Processes of Plastics Plastic objects are formed and created through various kinds of manufacturing processes including polymer casting, injection molding and CNC machining. Each kind has its own benefits and the process that's used depends on various factors, such as the type of plastic material and the design of the part. The number of required parts also plays a role in determining the kind of process that's used. You'll learn additional details about these methods and other information related to the manufacture of plastics when you read this blog. We aren't employed in the manufacturing industry, we wrote this blog because we have a genuine interest in the way plastics are made. After doing the research, we wanted to share our knowledge with others by writing these articles.



Protect Your Merchandise: Why You Should Be Using Foam Inserts

If you ship a lot of your merchandise, and you're not using foam inserts for your packages, it's time to make some changes. You might think that packing peanuts and bubble wrap are all that you need, but that's not necessarily the case. For times when packing peanuts and bubble wrap simply won't do, you need to rely on foam inserts. Foam inserts will keep your products safe and secure. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to start using foam inserts. 

Reduce Replacement Costs

If you're not using foam inserts in the packages you ship, you could be spending more on replacement costs than you'd like. Packing peanuts and bubble wrap are fine for some items. But, they don't always provide the protection you need for delicate items, such as electronic components. Unfortunately, when those items are damaged during shipment, you're left to pay the replacement costs. That's where foam inserts come into the picture. Foam inserts hold those delicate items in place throughout the shipping process, which means your replacement costs will go down. 

Increase Customer Satisfaction

When your business depends on customer satisfaction, you can't afford to deal with broken products. Each time a customer receives damaged goods, their opinion of your company goes way down. Unfortunately, those bad opinions often turn into bad reviews. If that happens often enough, your standing in the business community can be seriously jeopardized. One way to improve customer satisfaction, and to avoid those bad reviews, is to invest in foam inserts. Your customers will receive quality products, which will translate into increased customer satisfaction and improved reviews. 

Reduce Stock Damage

When it comes to protecting your merchandise, you need to go beyond the shipping concerns. Product damage doesn't only occur during shipping. It can also happen right in your warehouse. In a warehouse setting, storage shelves and racks can be knocked over, which can lead to damaged products. Not to mention the number of times that packages can get dropped due to employee mishandling. If your products are packed using foam inserts, the risk of stock damage will be greatly reduced. 

Increase Return Protection

When you're in business, there are going to be times when customers are going to be dissatisfied with the product they receive. When that happens, they'll want to return the product to you for a refund. If you've used bubble wrap or packing peanuts, you can't guarantee that your product will be returned in one piece. If it gets damaged during return shipping, you'll be left to cover the refund, as well as the loss of your product. You won't have that problem when you use foam inserts. That's because your customer can place the product right back into the custom insert for shipping.